Major League Baseball

Players Association Delivers Scathing Statement on Negotiations with MLB

As expected, the MLB Players Association told the owners to, “kick rocks” with their latest proposal. Which unsurprisingly is the same proposal in a different outfit… again.


We will have baseball in 2020, but it will likely be in the form of the commissioner mandated condensed version. It’ll be short, with some kind of playoffs. The full details will hopefully he released next week.

But make no mistake, with 18 months to go before the CBA expires, the clock is ticking. Neither side was going to blink and show their hand this close to the biggest negotiation since 1994.

I will enjoy the season no matter the length. I love baseball. I have to get as much as I possibly can, because there is no guarantee for a season beyond 2021.

Buckle up. For the next two seasons, The Dog Days of Summer are about to get really icy.


Draft Grade: Cubs Believe their Gamble on Character and Upside will Pay Dividends

The Cubs opted to focus on character and upside in the 2020 draft, believing they’ve found long-term solutions in a variety of places — rather than bulking up on their starting pitching need.

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