The Northside Show – August 28, 2020: Special Guest Aldo Soto Join Us to Talk Cubs Baseball/Social Unrest

Today, Austin Bloomberg and Benjamin J. Denen are joined by Aldo Soto as we discuss Jason Heyward sitting and the Cubs response as well as the recent struggles the Cubs have faced on the field. We also take a look at potential trade targets for the Cubs and potential in-house solutions.

Aldo Soto is a great follow on Twitter, and you absolutely need to check out his work over at Also, be sure to catch his podcast Pinwheel and Ivy. It’s a fantastic listen for all things Cubs and White Sox.

You can listen to today’s episode of The Northside Show in the player below, or anywhere you consume podcasts!

Featured Photo: David Banks/Getty Images

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Benjamin J. Denen

Benjamin was born in Rockford, Illinois. He is a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, an author, a musician, a speaker, a son of God, a lover of all things Chicago sports, a pizza consumption virtuoso, an intellectual, and a self-proclaimed comedian (yet to be confirmed). All of these things, simple as they may be, make up the person that he has grown to be. He graduated from Belmont University in Nashville with a degree in Commercial Music. After touring the world as a professional musician, Benjamin decided it was time to focus on on composing music for film/tv and truly diving into writing. The Keeper of Edelyndia is Benjamin's first novel, but he now has three (almost five) completed and is looking forward to releasing those soon as well. In addition to being a novelist, he has a handful of non-fiction books in the works and contributes to youth ministry blogs, as well as his own.

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