Attacking Righties with Cutter is Fueling Jon Lester’s Early Success

Jon Lester has attacked righties with his cutter in 2020, yielding tremendous results for the Cubs. Austin Bloomberg explores how the cutter usage suggests a quality 2020 season for the 15-year veteran.

Kyle Hendricks’ Artistry Proves Ace Status for Cubs

It's impossible to be anything but giddy right now. Kyle Hendricks' dominance last night felt predetermined, an eight pitch effort in the opening frame serving as a nondescript introduction of the contest's focal point. It's that quiet dominance that people all-too-often forget. Sure, Hendricks is accepted as good, with admissions aplenty that his success is…

Draft Grade: Cubs Believe their Gamble on Character and Upside will Pay Dividends

The Cubs opted to focus on character and upside in the 2020 draft, believing they've found long-term solutions in a variety of places -- rather than bulking up on their starting pitching need.

Burl Carraway Should Rise Quickly with the Cubs

Austin Bloomberg recently spoke with Josh Hopper, Pitching Coach for Dallas Baptist University, about the Cubs 2nd round pick, Burl Carraway. Coach Hopper raves about Carraway, and thinks the Cubs drafted an absolute weapon out of their bullpen.

Cubs Fans Should Be Excited About Jordan Nwogu

The Cubs took an outfielder with raw tools and high-upside in the third round in Jordan Nwogu. University of Michigan Assistant Head Coach Nick Schnabel believes Nwogu has the necessary tools and drive to succeed at the big league level.

Breaking Down the Cubs Selection of Ed Howard

The Cubs selection of Ed Howard underscores the front office's draft strategy on the position player front. Howard is a star-in-the-making, and his selection will have a big impact on the future of the team as well as how the Cubs spend the rest of their draft capital.